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. the professor said somewhere along the way, obama got side tracked. >> he had this idea, and his position, but it is so volatile and promising at the same time during his administration, and naturally i think that was that region instead of asia. >> most americans care most about what happens at home. millions of them are without work. we will get the latest numbers on friday and no doubt voters will look to that as a cue to how obama has done. >>>en emunemployment has hit a record high, the jobless rate is exceptionally high in areas that continued to implement austerity efforts. the average job lts rate across the 17-member euro zone was 11.6%. the figure was up from 11.5% in august. spain marked the highest unemployment rate in the euro zone at a record 25.8%. the jobless rate at 15.7%. the latest unemployment data available for greece is for july when it was 25.1% and that's up 23 percentage points from a year earlier. panasonic says it's likely to suffer a huge loss in the business year through march 2013. that reverses the earlier forecast of a swing back to profit. >> i feel deeply
. >> obama has had four years and really has not come up with anything to show the people that he did better than before, than the administration we had before, so i figure it is time for a change. >> if the majority of retirees share this view on election day, romney may take florida, an important part of winning the election. >> in a minute, we will look at unemployment in europe. >> first, other stories making headlines around the world. >> tensions are high in the tunisian capital after clashes between police and salafist muslims left italy will people dead. >> russia has launched a rocket from the steppes of kazakhstan, headed for the international space station. the rocket is carrying a spacecraft loaded with supplies including hardware, fuel, and water. >> following the resignation of former german president christian wulff, opposition leaders are calling for new rules on the president's salary. they say presidents should no longer be entitled to full salary for the rest of their lives if they leave office prematurely. >> eurozone economies are still struggling to pick up steam, and n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2